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a little story ABOUT STARTACHI

FOUNDED BY Vinod, Punitha & Deva (the siblings) 

Startachi's aim is to reduce the usage of plastic mailers to ship products within Malaysia and simultaneously raise awareness of the plastic problem accuring in the country. With online shopping's rapid growth over the few years, plastic wastage have been a problem. Our StartPack compostable parcel will be the new beginning for a waste free parcel.



One of us have always been very conscious in environment and in trashes being thrown out. Deva often reminded the rest of us in the family to only throw rubbish in the bin. However, around twenty years ago, at around the age of six or seven, the idea of plastic pollution was hardly known nor had it been spoken about in Malaysia or in its schools. As years gone by, stepping into University and learning about sustainable buildings, it then rekindled new interest in environment. From there the responsiblity towards environment grew. 

And we started Fullachi. It was while packing the products that it struck her about the amount of unnecessary packaging being used. It has always been hard but we had no other choices but to minimalise our packaging as much as possible. Some of the options we came up with were also costing us more.

Nevertheless, after a good amount of research we are here now. Bringing a workable solution to the people and businessess, big or small, StartPack Compostable Parcel is for all.


As of now, we are proud to be one among many who are in the journey towards zerowaste and introducing many substitutes to plastic products. This is yet a beginning and there are lot more to be done and we will keep updating you.