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What is it made from?
StartPack is made from compostable materials that are environmentally friendly. Mainly of corn starch and PBAT, a co-polymer that is flexible and easily compostable.

How to compost StartPack?
Once you have received the parcel, cut along the line at the flap of the parcel to reuse or simply cut it into small pieces before putting it into the compost bin. Be sure to take off any labels or stickers that are not compostable. StartPack takes around 120 - 180 days to fully compost.

What's the size od StartPack?
StartPack currently available in two sizes

Medium Size - 1 kg - 260 x 385 mm - Small Size - 300g - 260 x 190mm

Is the StartPack locally made?
StartPack is not manufactured locally for Malaysia does not have facilities for manufacturing it. However, keeping in mind our carbon footprint, we ensure our orders are despatched all at once instead of multiple.

Is StartPack certified?
Manufactures of StartPack are certified with Home Compostable (AS 5810) and Commercially Compostable (EN13432) as well as follows meets the Australian standard of Australasian Bioplastic Australia.

What is the shelf life of StartPack?
StartPack can be stored up to 10-12 months. They prefer dark and cool places for storage. 

Customisation for Compostable Parcel?
Keeping our carbon footprint in mind, we are not open for customisation for now. 

What happens if StartPack ends up in landfill?
Good thing, StartPack does breakdown in landfill as well. However, it takes about 2 - 3 years to completely breakdown and will not leave microplastic or any toxic residue. We recommend customers to have it compost at home in compost bin as similar to organic matter they still release methane gas. Thus, it is best to the environment to have them compost at home. 

Is the transparent peel off strip adhesive cover compostable?
The peel off strip is not compostable as of now. So, they should be recycled. 

How to tell my customers about the StartPack Compostable Parcel?
Keep them informed through your social media page and also send them an email mentioning about the compostable parcel they will be receiving from your end. You can also use our Media Kit to make it look more professional and post it on your social media and use it on your website. 

Can I get for wholesale price?
Why not? We love businesses going sustainable! If you want to get more than 800 pieces / a carton of StartPack, drop a message here

Payment Methods
We take payments through online banking. For online banking, you will receive the payment details at the end of the checkout with instruction or through email once you have placed your order.